My Data Projects

My Data Projects

The following is a list of many of the data projects that I have completed thus far, dating back to the beginning of my data journey in 2022.

Many of these projects are part of assignments that I have completed from third-party course/certificate programs, such as Google’s Data Analytics Professional Certificate and John Hopkins University’s Data Science Specialization.

As such, many of these assignments have already been documented and summarized through RMarkdown reports, GitHub repositories, or RPubs articles. To avoid redundancy, these assignments wont be described in detail within these pages, but rather linked to their appropriate external reports. For all other projects, there will be more information contained within each page.

Projects are sorted chronologically from latest to oldest


NLP (Natural Language Processing) Predictive Text App
January 10, 2024
California Avocado Data Dashboard
December 2, 2023
Predicting Exercise Technique Using Random Forest Algorithms
November 17, 2023
Are Manual Transmissions More Fuel Efficient?: An Exploratory Analysis Using Linear Models
November 8, 2023
Exploratory Analysis & Hypothesis Testing: Tooth Growth in Guinea Pigs by Vitamin C Dose and Delivery Method
October 29, 2023
Investigating the Exponential Distribution and Proving the Central Limit Theorem Using Simulations
October 29, 2023
An Analysis of the Most Destructive Weather Events in the United States
October 14, 2023
Getting and Cleaning Data Course Project
September 13, 2023
PwC Case Study: Liquor Store Chain Inventory Analysis
June 14, 2023
Google Data Analytics Capstone Project: “Cyclistic” Case Study
April 28, 2023
[UCSB] ECON 145: Data Wrangling - Course Projects & Assignments
September 18, 2022 → December 9, 2022
[UCSB] ECON 150: Labor Economics - Course Assignments
August 1, 2022 → September 9, 2022