Google Data Analytics Capstone Project: “Cyclistic” Case Study

Google Data Analytics Capstone Project: “Cyclistic” Case Study

April 28, 2023


The following is my submission for one of the optional capstone projects that the Google Data Analytics program offers and recommends students to complete at the end of the course.

For this case study, virtually everything is summarized in the slides below. I decided to present and deliver this project in slideshow format to mimic a real-world business scenario and how I would go about formatting and presenting the deliverables to stakeholders.

Final Slideshow

The prompt of the case study can be found on the second slide, if interested. In this case, we were only assigned to investigate/answer the first question of the example: How do annual members and casual riders use Cyclistic bikes differently?

Analysis Writeup + Code

Lastly, here is the PDF document (created with R Markdown) detailing the entire coding/analysis process for this project: